KDK counselling

Klaus is a BC Registered Clinical Counsellor. He helps his clients regain their mental, emotional, and spiritual health. He focuses on tapping into a person’s deeper internal resources to overcome present day issues. Klaus helps his clients to uncover and change destructive beliefs and let go of negative impacts from the past. He helps his clients move through and beyond their life situation where they are struggling, feeling stuck, and without direction, to become clear, confident, purposeful, and vision driven men and women.

Individual and Package Rates Available.


Klaus has had to ride through various highs and lows throughout his life in the areas of health, wealth, achievements, and relationships. At a point several years ago he decided to do his own research and study on the subject of Success Mindset. By comparing his own experiences with that of the research, he was able to get a picture of what worked well for himself and that of others – specifically into the deeper psychological aspects for creating a mindset for success. Working with his Success Mindset clients, Klaus brings his 18 years working in the field of psychology, his experience as a BC Registered Clinical Counsellor, and his continuous practice and study of the Success Mindset and the Laws of Prosperity. Klaus helps clients retrain their brain from just surviving to thriving. He opens up in each client their own Success Mindset for lasting and meaningful success. 

VIP Day & 8 Session Package Rates Available.

relationship Consulting

Whether dating, married, or with a significant other — navigating relationships can be challenging at times. Klaus helps clients be clear on relationship values, healthy boundaries, and creating intimacy. He guides clients to reclaim a centered and empowered state of being with themselves and then with their intimate partners.

6 – Session Package Rates Available.

Public Presenter

Klaus has been a Public Presenter on the topic of Parenting at various High Schools in the lower Mainland. He has been invited as a  workshop leader for personal growth programs in Nanjing China. He has also lead multi-day ‘Achievement From The Inside Out’ workshops for teens. 

Take-A-Hike Student Alumni

Klaus created and developed the therapeutic component to the Alternative Program called Take-A- Hike. He worked at the program and with students from September  2000 until June of 2015. As part of KDK Counselling, Klaus offers TAH alumni counselling support to those who graduated from the program and qualify for support.  

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