Klaus Klein MA, BC Registered Clinical Counsellor

Klaus has been a practising Registered Clinical Counsellor in BC for the past 18 years helping people get through difficult situations that often cause pain, disappointment, frustration, and confusion.

He guides his clients in making changes that releases them from negative circumstances and allows them to expand into a life that is more positive, fulfilling, and purposeful.

Klaus believes that real change is from deep within a person – not just at the behavioral level.

He works with clients letting go of what no longer fits mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Klaus leads clients in developing new neural pathways and mindset for experiencing life in a much healthier and successful way than thought  possible

In his past he created and developed the therapeutic component to a successful High School Alternate program in Vancouver for 15 years.

He has run parenting programs in Vancouver and has been invited to lead personal growth programs in China.

Klaus has also had his own life struggles to overcome such as physical injuries, relationship crises, career and job losses, and financial challenges. 

Klaus has spent several years living and travelling overseas in Europe and Asia gaining wisdom, insights, and depth on himself and others.  

Education, Training, and Credentials

  • Master of Arts (MA) degree in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University Seattle, WA.
  • Registered Clinical Counsellor  with the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors
  • Clinical Member of the Satir Institute of the Pacific
  • Completed level 1, 2, and Advanced Residential Training in individual and family systems with the Satir Institute of the Pacific
  • Created and developed the therapy component for an alternative High School Program called ‘Take-A-Hike’ working as a counsellor for teens, parents, and families, using conventional and adventure-based counselling.
  • International Workshop leader for Personal Growth Programs
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